Terms & Conditions


Ahjar Sinai offers their clients a special product and service that is guaranteed to meet the most demanding client needs. To ensure you will receive our premium quality of Egyptian Natural Stone Products, please find below guidelines to help improve our partnership.


Our prices quoted are guaranteed for 30 days from the date of written quotation. Prices are subject to change without notice, unless listed. Check with Ahjar Sinai sales team any quotations for delivery & validity of offers.

Minimum Order Quantity

Ahjar Sinai applies a minimum order quantity for any product we sell which is 180-250M2.

To ensure matching the samples you have on display and provide you with the same color tone variation and quality, its imperative for Ahjar Sinai to be selective of block (180-250M2) to match your samples.


We are always keen to offer you updates to keep you ahead from your competitors. We have 2 main holidays during the whole year that we are closing for 2 full weeks in each holiday. We will be sending you an update every year on February to be able to plan your purchase ahead & make sure you are not out of stock during our holidays & Ramadan Period.

Quarries are sometimes closing during the winter period due to heavy rains that make it very difficult to work in such bad weather conditions.